Diane Lynch

Diane Lynch

Director Specialist Placements

Change requires a steady hand, and there is none steadier than Diane, who leads a number of areas in our organisation.

Diane is a Practice Lead, a Change and Transformation Specialist, and the Placements Manager in our Allegra consulting business. Diane has been the driving force behind our Specialist Recruitment team for Change and Transformation roles for the last 10 years, after a successful career in the Health Care industry.

Among her many skills is an unmatched ability to link clients with consultants based on requirements, skills and personality. Her unerring knack for understanding the subtle factors at play in building a successful team has resulted in many long-term business relationships between clients and our team. With an intuitive ability to create a team that really ‘gels’, her efforts have benefited many large-scale change programs in Australian blue-chip organisations.

Diane is recognised for her knowledge and experience in the management of resources across transformation programs across many large organisations in Australia and New Zealand. Her global change management networks ensure our clients and our practitioners are always getting current, leading edge learning.

Perhaps it’s her health care background or it might be her natural style, but all who deal with Diane are impressed by her professional yet open and honest style. She understands that building relationships and getting sustainable results requires truly traversing all facets of an individual and their professional aspirations, skills and requirements.

Like the very best sort of matchmaker, Diane will match clients with the best-fit practitioners who are qualified and experienced in change management, communications, project management, learning and development/training, organisational development, business analysis and other business transformation roles.

Diane has a Bachelor of Nursing and is accredited in the 444Change Framework Methodology.

Diane specialises in Specialist Placement, Recruitment, Change Management, Project Management, Transformation

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