Our team

“Our people will ‘roll up their sleeves’ to deliver real results for your business.”

Our strength is our people - highly skilled, dedicated specialists who have proven experience delivering the outcomes that our clients want. Our people are your partners, and will ‘roll up their sleeves’ to deliver real results for your business.

With a broad range of experience across business and community, our specialists are qualified and trained in all aspects of solution design and delivery. Our people have first-hand knowledge of the challenges inherent in transforming to meet future needs.

We specialise in solution design, transformation projects, organisational development, risk and compliance, strategy and design, operational efficiency and change management.

Our executive team has over 40 years’ experience across major corporates including banking and finance, government, health and wellness, mining, retail, utilities, manufacturing and pharmaceutical industries.

Tracey Penington

Tracey Penington

Founder & Managing Director

Caroline Mills

Caroline Mills

Managing Director Asia Pacific

Angelica Pereira

Director Business Services

Sharon Grogan

Sharon Grogan

Director Operations & Corporate Governance

Jeff Chua

Jeff Chua

Senior Transformation Specialist

Linda Robinson

Manager Organisational Development

Deborah Pike

Deborah Pike

Senior Transformation Specialist

Michael Michael

Michael Michael

Senior Transformation Specialist

Debbie Bewley

Debbie Bewley

Senior Transformation Specialist

Russell Abotomey

Senior Executive

Judith Graham

Customer Advocate

Anthony Micomonaco

Senior Transformation Specialist

Jodie Grover

Senior Change and Transformation Professional

Our values

We have seven core values and they are reflected in everything we do and every interaction. we have.

We act with integrity.

We are honest and transparent. Our relationships are built on trust and we are open when interacting with others.

We are innovative and creative.

We apply a unique and fresh approach to everything we do. We are light on our feet and innovative in our thinking. We challenge the status quo and apply our knowledge and experience to create new models and designs to support our clients and their business for the future

We design sustainable solutions for our future generations.

We believe sustainable solutions are the only answer and all our work is built with this central premise in mind.

We believe in collaboration.

For us the best result is partnering with you to design a solution that sustains your change for the future.

We are pragmatic and disciplined.

We take a pragmatic and disciplined approach. Our methodologies are used to solve real-life problems, so we make sure that the process of finding the answers, and delivering them back, is simple, clear and as straight forward as possible

We utilise a holistic approach in all that we do.

We ensure we look at the whole system when we are working with you to ensure ALL impacts are understood and managed

We support the community and environment.

Our central premise is to do no harm. We ensure that everything we do takes into consideration impacts on people and the planet.

Our Clients

We work with great clients, from big brands, to high growth SMEs, to schools and sports teams.

We support a range of industries – Financial Services, Government, Utilities, Telecommunications, Education, Sports, Not for Profit, Transport, Professional Services, Manufacturing and many others.

We would love to work with you

Logos of companies we work with

Giving back

"An effort made for the happiness of others lifts above ourselves."

Lydia M. Child

A core value for us is how we support the Community and Environment.

We regularly run development workshops to support the broader community. Please see our ‘upcoming events’ page for the latest information on workshops.

Gordian also supports various community groups. Please find information on some of those groups below:

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Our people are your partners for delivering real results. Contact us below to find out how we can help your organisation.